Why is Hike Messenger for PC better than WhatsApp?

Everybody loves texting  since it comes handier than  calling somebody. Of course, when you text somebody you don’t have to spend more than a couple of seconds doing that. While, when you are calling, you cannot just hang up the phone in the middle of the first sentence of the person you called, even if you are busy or you have another real excuse.

Therefore, texting is useful and so are the instant messaging applications available on the market.

Today, I am going to present you a pretty interesting application, which gained a lot of popularity lately, coming quite close to well-known apps like WhatsApp of What. I am taking about Hike Messenger.

This is an application specially created for Smartphones, and more and more people seem to show interested in downloading and using it.

Not only that texting fans choose Hike as the instant messaging app for their mobile devices, but there are many people who showed interest in the hike messenger free download for Windows or Mac. As you probably imagine, there is no official version of the app for computers. However, you can have it free of charge on your computer if you get an Android emulator first.


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Hike Messenger Features

But, now let’s see some of the reasons why people seem to love Hike Messenger for PC or Mobile devices.

First of all, this is an a communication app that offers both instant messaging and SMS. This means that even if Hike is similar to WhatsApp, it is better because it also allows users to communicate over SMS. Therefore, people who choose to use Hike,  have a pretty big advantage advantage in case they do not have access to mobile Internet or data on-the-go and for communicating with  friends without Hike app from within the same app. That sounds pretty great, right?

Besides this big advantage this instant messaging app brings, it is quite similar to other texting applications. So, the user interface of Hike is very clean, simple and basic with pleasant hues of white and blue.


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In case you want to download this app, you must know that you get to enjoy group chat and photo and video sharing, and the applications supports various audio and video formats and uploads up to 6MB for each file.

These are the main features Hike Messenger brings its users. If you choose to get it on your PC, once you have an Android emulator downloaded you can search for other apps as well. Not only that, but you can also download and install amazing Android games like Iron Force for PC!

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