Kik Messenger for PC and Smartphone: Positive and Negative Aspects

We all love sending instant messages to our friends and family, not only because it is handy and fast but also because it can be fun.

Most instant messaging apps have lots of features that make the communication better, allowing users to send images or videos, as well as voice calls. Also, the best part is that you don’t even have to pay for all of this. That sounds great, right?

You are not limited to only one im app, so if you want to try more symilar apps we listed some options below ( including guides ):

But with so many apps, sometimes we all find it difficult to decide which one is the best for us. Of course, choosing an instant messaging app does not depend only on us and our needs and desire; it also depends on what our friends are using, even if sometimes we might not find this too good, as they might not agree with us.

However, there are some apps that appear to be loved by the majority of people, such as Hike Messenger which became very popular among people all over the world, or SnapChat one of the most famous instant messaging platforms.


However, today we are going to talk about Kik Messenger, an app similar to the other two mentioned and as well-known as them.

Most people already heard about this app, and they even have it installed on their mobile, or they are using Kik on computer. I know that this might seem impossible, since Kik does not have an official version for Windows not for Mac, but it is very possible if you download first Bluestacks, an app that will bring the Android experience to your PC.

So, is it worth to download Kik on PC? I am not going to give you an answer, but I am going to tell you what is good and what is bad about it. If you still need more details about this awesome app and its compatibility with your desktop setup continue reading on nativespiritfoundation.


The good thing is that Kik offers and impressive chat experience across multiple platforms. You have to possibility to ass graphics, photos and memes to your chats, and that makes it more fun.

However, there’s also a bad part, since Kik does not allow you to send your location in chat messages and also you cannot turn off the Read status in messages.

However, this is a great app that will conquer you once you begin using it. So, you better download it and check it out!

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