Kids under 13 Should Not Use SnapChat for PC or Mobile Devices

Many of us are addicted to instant messaging applications because it is the easiest way to stay in contact not only with friends and family that live close to you but also to people that moved far away, even abroad.

The reason this is the easiest way is mainly because instant messaging apps allow its users to send messages free of charge. In addition, it enables people to send pictures and videos to each other fast and easy.

Mainly, people use instant messaging applications on their mobile devices but there are many of you who prefer downloading the instant messaging apps on their computer.


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For example, one of the most popular instant messaging apps is SnapChat, even if it appears to be having some problems when it comes to teenagers. However, many users prefer downloading SnapChat for PC, although there is no official version of the app for computers and downloading it on Windows or Mac requires and Android emulator.

As stated above, SnapChat seems to be an arguing subject for parents when it comes to their children safety. The reason there is a problem is because of the kids’ safety, using an application like Snapshot.

However, the fact that SnapChat is not for children under 13 is well-known. The problem is that Snapchat doesn’t ask for age on sign up, but here is where the parents should get involved. They need to report if a child under 13 is using it.

Also, the danger is not as big as many parents believe. Dangerous people cannot contact their kids if they don’t know them, since to send a message to someone on SnapChat you need to know their username and add them to your Friends list.


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In addition, SnapChat  can be  configured to only accept messages from people on your friends list, and there is the possibility of blocking users, as well.

Therefore, the danger is not as bad as many people may think. However, even if they are using SnapChat for PC, mobile devices or any other application and social media network, kids should be talked to. All parents should discuss the dangers and problems that might appear when you choose to talk to people you have never seen in persons.

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