Install Flash Transfer for PC and Transfer Files without Connecting to the Internet

Almost all of us already have a Smartphone, while the rest of people who don’t have one yet, dream about having an iPhone or a device running on Android OS. The truth is that these devices are not only very useful, but also very entertaining.

If you own a Smartphone, you have the possibility of downloading thousands of amazing apps and interesting games that will help you with different tasks and entertain you.

In this article, I want to recommend you a great App that you should install on your PC, Flash Transfer, but first let me tell you why people prefer using Android apps on their computers.

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However, it appears that lately people are more interested in using the Android apps, as well as in playing the games available at Google Play Store, on their computers. Why does this happen? Well, here are the possible reasons:

  1. The battery of the Smartphone. As you know, the device is pretty expensive and if you use it all day long your battery might not be protected, and it also can die exactly when you need your phone.
  2. Using a small device might be uncomfortable, especially when you are playing game. So, many people prefer the comfort that a large display offers them.
  3. Most of us work in front of the computer all day long so it might be easier to use it for playing and communicating with our friends and family, whom we cannot call while at work, but it is possible to send them a short message right? If you are interested in a great app that will allow you to communicate from your PC, I advise you to choose Tango for PC. You won’t regret it.

Now that you know why people prefer using Android apps on their PC, allow me to tell you a couple of words about one of the most wanted Android applications that might be very useful on your PC. I am talking about Flash Transfer.


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This application allows you to transfer files to other devices via WI-Fi without connecting to the internet. Of course, you can do that if both devices have Flash Transfer installed on them.

If you want to download Flash Transfer for PC, you should know that it is not difficult, and you can complete the action in just a couple of moments.

This application is very useful, and it is worth downloading it! Enjoy!

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