How to Send Kik Video Messages – 2 Methods

Kik Messenger is more than a simple instant messaging app designed for mobile devices. Basically, it allows users to chat and communicated with other Kik users, but besides this, Kik Messenger is filled with great features and options.

As I mentioned above, Kik Messenger was designed for mobile use, and it is compatible with most mobile OS available such as Android, iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry. On the other hand, for those who are interested in using Kik for PC, find out that this is now possible. By installing a third-party emulator called Bluestacks, you will be able to install Kik on PC and use it to connect with your friends using a bigger screen and a bigger keyboard.

Here at Rostermccabe, you can find the complete solution for how to install kik for pc, that includes pictures and step by step instructions that are easy to understand.

How to Send Kik Video Messages - 2 Methods

Now, regarding Kik’s features, let me show you how you can send Kik Video messages. With Kik, you have the possibility to share media files, such as photos, videos, voice records and even documents. But, this thing might be quite complicated for those who use Kik strictly as an instant messaging platform. In fact, there are two ways in which you can send Kik Video messages.

  1. The first alternative is to use a third-party Kik app called Video for Kik, which can be found by just going to your Kik built-in browser and search for “Video for Kik”. This will download and install the application, which will allow you to send video messages. However, Video for Kik is not the only third-party app that can help you enhance Kik. Fortunately, there are many other interesting apps and add-ons that will give you the possibility to achieve plenty of other features and options.
  2. The other way is to click on the plus sign at the bottom left of a conversation screen. This should open a menu that includes a red YouTube box. Here, you can select this to search for and send a YouTube video to the friends engaged in the conversation. It will enable you to find and share content without having to exit the Kik App. You can also use this process to find and add videos from your mobile device to share.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the YouTube alternative does not allow you to send video messages with personal recordings. You will be able to send only videos that are to be found within YouTube. The previously mentioned app allows you to upload own videos and share them with others.

So far, it is unknown whether Kik will give us the ability to send video messages from within the app. It is a really great way to share content with your friends, and the most probably is that Kik will incorporate this option to the present and future apps. However, the choice is ultimately up to the developers. This will definitely be the simplest way in which you can send video messages and capture the best moments on camera.

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