How to Activate WeChat for PC

All of us are addicted of at least one from the many amazing instant messaging applications available online. Many of use still use WhatsApp, but more and more people seem to be using other apps. One of the most famous at this moment appears to be WeChat, an application that became popular among Smartphone users, as well as computer users as well.

This means that there is a large number of people who prefer using WeChat for PC, even if the app dies not have an official version available for Windows or Mac. Because this app is so popular, there are multiple resources online that have a good approach on this, including this full guide on installing Wechat on any Computer or Mac.


If you are interested in beginning to use WeChat on PC, you must know that, in order to do that, you should download and install an Android emulator first. Most experts recommend Bluetsakcs, and I agree with that. So, if you want to know more about the procedure, just visit this link and read the step-by-step tutorial you find there. Follow all the steps and in no time you will be using WeChat from your PC.

But, as stated above, many of already know how to use an Android emulator in order to get an instant messaging app on your PC. For those, I will describe what you must do in order to activate and Start using WeChat on Windows Laptop.


So, once you followed all the steps and completed the installation procedure of WeChat on computer, you must  activate it in order to begin chatting with your friends. If your friends don’t use wechat, you have 2 other options that are just as good. The first option is installing Whatsapp on your iPad or on your computer and the second one is installing Kik on your pc. As you can see you are not limited to just one app and you can certainly install all 3 at the same time.

So, after installing WeChat, go to Bluestacks home screen and find WeChat app. Now, click on that icon in order to open it. Now all you have left to do is to enter your mobile number in the details. You will receive a six digit verification code that will help you activate the app.

You are almost done. Now just check your mobile and enter the verification code from your phone. That’s it! Once the code is entered, you can begin using the application in order to chat with your friends! Have fun!

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